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  1. i did compression test 90 105 with pull start tore down engine gunna replace piston rings n top n bottom gaskets clean carborator spark plug was black got new 1 clean air filter umm just waiting for piston rings to get in from ordering them??any suggestions anyone?>
  2. well the quad is lacking bottom end ??????????? ..... also now starts fine neutral it runs great with throttle when it is in gaged high gear or low or reverse she bogs out no power what could it be?
  3. i adjusted the shifter linkage seems to be running fine replace belt never got as far as the clutch
  4. okie thanks i went down polaris shop they said shifting linkage or the tranmission fluid could be low HELP!
  5. thanks what is the fix what can i do to fix it ...explain help!
  6. 2000 2 stroke polaris xplorer 400 just bought quad goes into low gear reverse but high gear it grinds going in and when i do get it in it pops back out into netrual some times it will go into high gear Can anybody help me???????

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