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  1. Dunno if it would work for you, but I put STP fuel injector cleaner in mine and it worked well!
  2. I attempted to beat her to death this weekend, however I'm happy to report she's alive n kicking and running like new!
  3. I was able to resolve problem last nite. 2 days ago, I dumped 1/2 bottle of STP injector cleaner in the gas and left the fuel cock open, last nite I was finally able to get it to crank after 30 minutes of idle and die. I adjusted the idle control screw back and forth until I was able to keep it running at full choke. Once I had it idling smooth in full choke, I closed choke and throttled heavily blowing all the sentiment crap from the carb out. I let it idle for 30 minutes and then rode it at full speed for over an hour. I was able to then turn off and start at will, just like it was new. I got up this morning and the machine easily started again. Thanks for all the help!
  4. I'll give it a shot and post results, won't have time to take apart until this weekend.
  5. Airfilter is clean I have not cleaned the carb (any particular product to use to clean?) Yes, using premium 92 Octane w/ ethanol.
  6. THis is actually a Bruin 350, I fat fingered the thread title. This Bruin has been in storage for 1 year, with no stabil used and I'm attempting to bring this beast back to life. The only way I've been able to to start this thing is: 1. Leave fuel cock open overnite 2. Adjust choke to mid-choke 3. Press Start 4. Idles for 3-4 minutes on a really LABORED idle (not smooth idle, but sounds like puttering on its deathbead) However once I get it started, it seems to have a terribly labored idle for about 3-4 minutes, then dies. If you touch the trottle during idle warmup, it dies. Once it's dead, there is no getting it started again until the next day. I've done the following: 1. Visually inspected and cleaned sparkplug - verified spacing @ .025" 2. Drained old fuel and refueled with premium unleaded 3. Checked fuel flow from fuel cock to carb - smooth flow 4. Checked fuel flow from carb to carb fuel drain - smooth flow 5. Compression appears to be ok, however I do not have a tester, but placing my hand behind exhaust yields good pressure. I have Fuel, Spark and temp fire, what should I check next? Any moving parts in the carb that have a tendancy to get stuck? Perhaps the stator?

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