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  1. Thanks guys. I'm still having some carb issues, I think. I checked the floats, no damage or fuel retention. Replaced the needle and seat. Cleaned everything. Someone had worked on this carb previously and didn't reinstall the spring for the pilot screw so they had it screwed all the way in so it wouldn't walk out. (I could back it out and watch it unscrew itself with engine vibrations.) I thought that would be the problem, but after reassembly it ran pretty much the same. It was running so rich my eyes were burning while tinkering on it. I adjusted the idle and pilot (air/fuel) to the point where it's not as bad, but it surges at low speed and get a mild backfire on occasion. Throttle response seems a bit sluggish too. Don't see any fuel coming out of the overflow. Kind of stumped at this point, this carb is pretty basic and the kit came with new gasket, o rings, jet needle and both jets, and the piston and springs for the enricher/choke system. Float level is dead on, and cable adjustment seems fine. Any ideas??
  2. I got it all back together, drove it around a bit. Seemed to be running rich, pulled the carb, and yep, there's standing gas in the intake. Ordered a carb kit. I'll be done eventually. Really.
  3. The way you tell it it sounds like you did the right thing to me. I was going to add that the guy probably deserves a butt kicking, but it also sounds like he's already paying a dear price.
  4. Parts finally arrived yesterday, so I worked on it for a while last evening. I still have some reassembly to do, but I did get far enough to start it up and let it run a bit. Sounds fine, looks like I got though my snafu without any issues. I'm going to try to finish reassembly this afternoon.
  5. I'm still waiting for parts. I have the recoil, casing, and everything on the r/s of the engine back together. It was a good runner when I bought it, but the overflow tank had a hole in it, the fuel tank petcock leaked, the belt is missing a chunk, and a few other minor things needed replacing. I ordered parts from Cheap Cycle Parts, but they are taking a real long time to ship them. I may have to cancel the order and go elsewhere. As soon as I get these parts I'll have it back together.
  6. Okay, that's good to hear. It would have been just my luck to have the odd one, I usually seem to always buy the first year they did X, the year they changed Y to Z, the one year they got parts from ABC, etc, etc.
  7. Thanks DD, but it looks like I got the oddball engine as per my usual luck. On this one the recoil is on the same side of the motor as the flywheel and stator so I did soak my stator in oil. I pulled the housing, cleaned it and then doused the flywheel and hopefully all of the stator with electrical cleaner. I say hopefully as I didn't pull the flywheel since I don't have the puller, but I turned the flywheel in complete rotations while spraying the stator coils through the access hole in the flywheel. I did this several times and then sprayed all around behind the flywheel as well. There really shouldn't be any oil in there now. The good news, I did find the proper counterbalance fill hole. Checked it and it was good. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks! I think I see the plug you're talking about, it does look like fun to get to. So any guesses if I did any harm by filling my flywheel housing with oil? I drained it without starting it, but I imagine there's electrical in there....
  9. Okay, I found that is NOT the fill plug. I ordered a manual.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new here obviously, I'm looking for info on this bike, tried this question on another forum and didn't get much response. Any input is appreciated. TIA! Hey all, I just bought a 1993 350 4X4. It's in good shape and appears to have been fairly well taken care of. I've been going through it servicing and inspecting it. The owners manual says to check the counter balance oil, and to top it off with 10/30. Only the manual just shows the drain plug and not the fill plug. I took a picture of what I believe is the fill, in the red circle about the pull start, but I wanted to confirm. I know the plug to the left is the transmission fluid fill and it's full, but the plug on the right in the circle is dry. Also, just what is the counter balance, what does it do? TIA!

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