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  2. Hey guys just a quick follow up, the Progressive Suspension shock did the trick. Gained a little over 2 inches when fully loaded and as you know in the scale of ATV's 2" is a big difference. Thanks for all the help took the Prairie on it's/my first trail ride and had a BLAST! Can't wait to go again! Thanks again for everyone's help.
  3. Thanks bunches dirtdemon that is exactly what I was looking for. I have been looking at the OEM shock but didn't want to go that route. The progressive shock on Bike Bandit looks like just what I was looking for. Thanks guys for all the help. Got new tires on their way and now order this shock and I'll be ready for my first "REAL" trail ride! CAN'T WAIT!
  4. Thanks guys, kind of figured that was the problem. My bro's 300 fourtrax doesn't squat as far as my prairie when he sits on both, so I kind of figured that was the problem. Besides oem, any thoughts on a stiffer shock/spring to use since I am a larger fellow? Thanks again.
  5. Hey guys, New to the forum and atv's so I may ask ALL KINDS of questions! Just traded for an 03 Kawasaki Prairie 360 4x4 that seems to bottom out in the rear REAL EASY! I'm a bit of a large guy, but it seems to sag pretty good with normal size family members. When the suspension cycles in the rear, just by pushing on the rear rack, the shock makes a LOUD hissing sound like it's not got enough fluid or something. Any ideas or do I just need a new shock or is this normal??? Thnx

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