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  2. I have a 1999 artic cat 300 4x4 and was wondering how i could get some more speed out of it, i havent found any pipes will fit, i do have a uni air filter, it works great in 4x4 for bushwackin. but not much on the speed and touque department, except in low it has good power thanks! Also is their anything that i can do to make it more mud friendly? Larger Tires? Lift kit? thats what i really bought this machine for mudding and deep water, is thier any way to build or buy gaurds for the front diff so when stuff hits it it dosnt break somthing.
  3. blue smoke i now it needs rings i got them and im putting them in this weekend i got a uni airfilter.
  4. My quadsport at just off idle runs like crap it back fires bogs sputters chugs and just sucks so bad that i cant ride it cause it anoyes the crap out of me. it starts fine then when it warms up it gets worse, sometimes if i ride it for a long time it will only run at like allmost half throttle any more or less it bogs and pops and has no tourqu. but when it first starts up it will bog untill a little below 1/5 it will bog then when u hit a certain point it runs fine. my pilot jet is 20 and my main is 112.5. please help, Thank you the plug is a blackish black but it smokes a lot.
  5. I got a 1986 suzuki 230lts it has been sputtering and spiting when you add a a little throttle so i took apart the crab to look for crap, i found not a speck of dirt. BUT i found that the pilot screw was messing a few parts, the washer and the o-ring. would that cause it to sputter when a little throttle is applied, it almost feels like the breaks are dragging when you give it a little throttle. thanks for any imput!

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