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  2. Hi All, Thanks dirtdemon & swampcat07. I only opened the value cover and at that point when I noticed no water and just oil then I didn’t go any further. Even thought I got the new gasket but I guess I just got scared to open the chain and all other things. Anyway after the complete carburetor clean up, new plug, new air filter and new battery now I just need to press the start button and it runs like a brand new. Regarding the oil in engine, after fixing the water body I changed the cold engine oil and pour new oil with new filter. 1, Now the oil is like haze light green, so I think I will need to keep changing. 2, The coolant is on the same level is I pour after the water body change, so it seems like it’s not leaking any more, but when I open the radiator cap with engine start, I don’t see any flow movement in water and the water pipes are kind of soft. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Finally I opened the Cylinder Head Assembly and very surprised. All the part are like new (P 1) and no sigh of water I just saw only clean engine oil (P 2). So I didn’t go any further to change the gas kit. Then opened the Water Body and noticed that all the plastic seals are almost gone. So, its look like that water got inside the engine from here. I have few questions. 1, Should I need to go all the way to replace HeadGaskit (I want to avoid this as much as possible, if it’s not required) 2, After the new water seals in water pump, should I just open the bottom pan and flush the engine, will it be good enough? Thanks
  4. Hi All, Thanks DirtDemon for your advice. I have all the tools but don't know what to look for or what to do to fix this problem. Ordered the service and gasket set and will work on it and will update you all with pictures. Thanks
  5. Hi DirtDemon & swampcat07. I spoke to few mechanics about this problem and according to them the will charge around $300.00 fix this gasket issue. ($65.00 per hour labor) and additional work required more money. Question, Can I just fix the gasket so no oil and water mix and then just flush the engine and use it (I just need to clean snow from my driveway). Thanks
  6. Hi Swampcat07, Thanks for your fast and informative response. I took it home and bought new battery and fill the gas tank and then started. It starts few times but only last few minutes. The next morning I noticed gas tank was empty and gas was coming from carburetor. So, I opened carburetor and noticed floater stuck, so cleaned carburetor and cleaned the gas tank (Gas tank might have few drops of water) and put everything back. After that I changed the spark plug and then changed the engine oil and found this water and oil mix issue. Now, no luck to start, whenever I tried to start, just engine crank and then see white smoke from muffler. Yesterday I also checked the radiator, and it was completely empty and I when I touched the coolant (a drop in the cap), it like engine oil. Also when I opened the oil filter I saw the green coolant water in it. I also checked the drained oil in pan and saw dark green thick stuff in bottom. Last night I added fuel treatment in the tank and today I tried to start again and after few try it started and last 10 min during this time all white smoke and then shut off its self and after no luck to start again. I also checked the engine oil, now it’s like white milky oil. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to “ATV”. I just bought 1998 Arctic Cat 454 4x4; according to last owner it wasn’t used for last 3 years. I tried to change the engine oil, noticed coolant water inside and mixed with oil. Now I changed the oil and filter and still can’t start. Any ideas? How fix this water and oil mix issue? Thanks

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