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  2. well my wall is fine. and i set the timing a few times and i just got new valves. and sorry for putting up so many postes
  3. ok guys so i have done alot that i can think of... i took my wheeler apart got new valves new rings and gaskets and then got it back together and i still only have 30psi compression. does any one no whats wrong..
  4. hey i need to buy some new parts.. so whats a good website to get parts that dont cost that much
  5. ya i have a book and the thing is great tells your everything.. i think im going to get new rings and gaskets. do you guys no a good website to get stuff like that.. that does not cost to much ?
  6. ok thanks man i think i also have to get new rings because when i was down there my rings were stuck in my piston so we took them out and cleaned them out and some one said after that happens most of the time the rings are not the same
  7. no i did not grind the valves down i asked a guy if i should do anything when i got my new valves.. he said just put them in the same way you took them out.. with the new parts i got i got valves locks and guides.
  8. i have the timing right i set it my self and i have a book to show me how to do it.
  9. ya it is. idk what could be wrong with it. i have like looked at everything i can think of
  10. ya i do have one and i got like around 30 PSI. and i have an 03 ltz 400
  11. so im having a compression problem i have looked at my piston, rings, cylinder, gaskets, and there all good.. but i got new valves and i set the timing.. what more could it be?
  12. hey i got a ltz 400 and we just took it apart and we looked at the piston and everything it was all good and the rings were a little dirty so we cleaned them and put them back together but there was some marks on the piston where valves hit it. could a bent valve mess up ur compression ?
  13. Hey, I recent attempted a rebuild on my ltz 400. Upon putting it back together(cylinder and head are on) I went to put the cam chain guide back in, but I am having trouble getting the guide in. When I put the guide in it sticks up about 2 to 3 inches, getting in the way so I cant put the cams on. Anyone know whats going on? Was I supposed to put the guide on after putting the cylinder on, before putting the head on?

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