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  1. Lots of patience. I had to take off the whole engine and tranny together. First I disconnected all the plugs and hose to the tranny and engine parts. Took rear a-arm and axle out of the way, had to jack the rear end in the air to do this. Front drive shaft and whatever bolts were left for the assemble to be pulled out. Tight to lift the assemble out to side of 4 wheeler. I also took pictures of what eveything looks like before I started the job. The manual I had didn't have very good pictures which I found online for free, but don't know from where.
  2. My scrambler is working again. Had to replace the fork, 3/4 worned out. Also replaced the dog gear, all 3 contact points were gone, and another gear that connects with the dog. Found out it had no transmission fluid in it, it was leaking out. Had to replace the drain plug too, the heat with no tranny fluid fuzed the plug. But got it out. Also change out the filter and clean the carb too.
  3. I have a problem that finally did it today on my 98 scrambler 400 while pulling a snow tube, don't always pull a tube though, just playing too. I bought this atv 4 months ago. Had no problems with it then until the last few times I ran it. So I found this forum and decided to join it. I also have a gear grinding issue in forward gear, no issues in reverse or 4 wheel drive. Now gears are always grinding while in forward gear and shifter won't stay in gear too. Tried holding gear in forward, but it just grinds, no moving forward. So I drove the atv backwards in the snow cover yard all the way back inside my garage. So now I guess I will have to tear it apart to fix those gears. My question is what are the part list numbers for those gears and how long would it take to replace them? Thanks for your help...

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