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  1. After eight months, the builds are complete. If you would be so kind to take a look at the following page and vote for your favorite it would be much appreciated! UTV Off-Road Magazine :: Everything Side-By-Side for the Off-Road Enthusiast At the link above, it will point you to where each set of build photos are at. Thanks in advance! TeryxHQ.com
  2. Well nothing really excited to announce just yet...hopefully more next week. We did manage to get a rear x-brace with LED license plate frame Click For more detailed pics, information, and write-ups on the products I am installing.
  3. Now is the FMF a full kit or the slipon?
  4. The exhaust I am thinking should be in next week. I have to admit I am quite excited to hear how it sounds. I have seen the kit, and if it performs as good as it looks, then I will be just fine
  5. Thank you two...yes bot, already have been speaking to full bore, they are working on a body kit as we speak Thanks for taking a look you two!
  6. The vapor is actually pre-wired right now. I had concerns over the length of the speedo cable once the long travel is on, therefore, did not want to drill the hub until we know. Likely we may have to have a custom cable made...so one of these days I will get out there and drill it. I am also awaiting our exhaust, once that comes in and I install it, the machine will do down for the dyno run and tuning. Likely I will see right around 52 or 53 mph, but all the machines run different.
  7. Hey everyone, thought I would stop on by and share with you some of the work I have been doing on my new Kawasaki Teryx. I told myself I would keep it stock, well that managed to last a week or so. So far, here is what has been done on my Teryx: Rigid Industries Radius Cage Canvas top (not pictured) Cooler Rack JP Cooler PRP Front & Rear Seats NightOwl HIDs HID Conversion Holder LED Lightbar aFe Intake Dynatek Ignition Module Crow Enterprizes 3" Restraints Trail Tech Vapor Computer Tantrum Motorsports Billet Wheel Spacers Tantrum Motorsports Billet Mirror Tantrum Motorsports Billet LED Plate Bracket Products Awaiting Shipping: Muzzys Performance Dual Exhaust LED Whip PPF Front Bumper PPF Radiator Shrouds Custom Creations Rear Bumper Future Build Plans: Long Travel Kit Wheels & Tires Doors New body kit Stereo Fuel Gauge Aluminum roof Here are a few pics, forgive the dirt Click For more detailed pics, information, and write-ups on the products I am installing.
  8. I was born in Buffalo and have a farm in West Clarkesville...small little town by Cuba, Olean, etc. I live in Arizona now.
  9. Where in New York is that? Can I assume upstate?
  10. This is going to be a great adventure to follow...I am wishing them all the best!!
  11. How why is it that after all of these replies, I have yet to see someone mention ATVwire.com Portal Now my feelings are hurt, lol
  12. Hey there Desert Hawk! ATVwire.com Portal
  13. I was just playing around on the net and found this...not sure if it works, however, seems like a pretty cool idea. Anyhow, it is basically like a Netflix or Blockbuster online, but you make money on other people who rent under your account. Anyhow if you want to signup...it is free, just go to http://atvwire.e3flix.com and click on become an affiliate. Its free...once you have signed up, promote your personal e3flix webpage and see what happens??

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