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  2. Hi, I have had the same problem with my one, I have found if you push the quad about a metre than suddenly you have power to the starter. I know this sounds crazy but is true with mine.its worth a try. Good luck Rhino
  3. Thanks mario for your reply. have allready tried the fuse and its not that. kind regards rhino
  4. Hi,thanks for getting back to me. there is no kill switch,its just a nightmare.i dont know if its the ignition,cdi unit or what it is.i live in the shetland islands so its not even possible to take it to a local dealerI may just put it on my boat and give it a burial at sea. anyway thanks again regards rhino
  5. Hi can anyone help me,I have a 150cc panda and I am not getting any power from the battery.It wont turn over and the lights dont work neither does the horn.i have checked the battery and its fully charged.Please help if you can Rhino

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