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  1. There are mods Ive been able to do on other atvs dirt bikes cars etc.,etc., I know if I wanted to make it faster or stronger or more capable of off roading. I can always buy aftermarket stuff and put on there. Anyone can do that. Anyone can buy aftermarket performance stuff and put it on. I was curious if there were anything I can do with what is on there and modify what I have to make better.
  2. Thanks and no they have no leads or anything at this time.
  3. I like the vette!

    1. Too_Late_I_Won


      Thanks Its a 1980 L82 Corvette with about 431Hp   Its my other hobby LOL

  4. I have on 08 Outlander 800XT Are there any free mods you can do to these?I know in the past it almost doesnt matter what you drive. There is always free mods you can do either for performance or longevity of the machine. I had a Honda XR250 With several free mods you could do like the biggest thing was the header there was a huge weld bead inside the chocked down the exhaust. You grind that down a little (free) and way better throttle response. Thanks looking forward to see what all is out there.
  5. Thanks yeah just trying to add more sugar to the lemonade is about all I can do these days LOL
  6. Hey guys & girls Just want to stop by and say hello. I've been a member since 2006 then got a new job and wasnt able to get online as much. Brief history about my self/situation. I had a Yamaha raptor 660 bored out to right at 700 in mint condition basically brand new. Only about 10 hrs on fresh rebuild. (not complainin just explainin LOL) We had a house fire (electrical) 11/9/16 We had to move out while house gets rebuilt. 12/5/16 our contractors said we have been robbed. So sometime over the weekend someone stole my 18' trailer, broke into my locked shed and stole my Raptor along with a bunch of other things like big oxy/acetylene tanks with torches and hoses, propane heater 150,000 BTU, Weedeaters and self propelled lawn mowers etc.etc. All behind a locked fence. Now on to the good news. I always thought once this ATV bites the dust or something happens Id like to get a 4x4....Well here ya go.I bought a 2008 Outlander 800 4x4 Hadnt had time to ride it yet but this thing is a beast!!!! Insurance gave me $3200 and I bought this for $3200 So its not the best of shape there's several little maintenance things that it needs. Like the rubber boots on the intake and exhaust on the CVT, Valve covers are leaking a little, I have a maintenance light that says " Maintenance Soon Hi Cogswell Motor" (after leanering from another forum looks like the dealer changed the message from change oil soon to this. Kinda funny kinda not at the same time. It does have a few other odds and ends that needs some TLC. I already bought a service manual. But other than this beast is in pretty good/fair condition. Starts right up runs good (I didnt really get to run it as hard as I wanted due to it being snowy/icy the day I test drove it. Looking forward to talking to you guys and learning more about these machines!!! I have a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/2LateIWon/videos that I will post these how to fix it videos on to hopefully help people out in the future. Feel free to stop by and say hi there as well. (There is also videos of the house fire damage as well
  7. The 700 is a wheelie machine. It is also adjustabe with springs to adjust lockup and stall. They can be made to be better than manual clutches. True you do lose more power through autos but your always in the power band.

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