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  2. I have a 98 suzuki quadrunner 250. i was jumping it off with my truck. the jumper cable hit the frame and i saw smoke from under the plastic, no more power, wont crank, i know i shorted something out and blew the 20 amp fuse. I have had the starter relay tested, it works. I took out the cdi it smells burnt, i have it hooked back up. The 20 amp fuse is not blowing now. The funny thing is the green neutral light come on when the key is turned on but the run switch is off. when i slide the it to run the green light goes out. Any help would be great. Could it be the cdi?
  3. i have owners manual; wasn't very helpful in troubleshooting. there are multiple shifters, i wont be able to get back out there to work on it til Friday evening.
  4. I have a 98 king quad, followed this thread in a troubleshooting effort. The green neutral light does not come on. when i slide the neutral/reverse from rev. to neutral, the green light blinks but does not stay on, i have been successful in starting this way once or twice (a thumb on the start, hand on the shifter and an elbow on the gas, my kids were laughing at me until she turned over). i have taken the back rack and plastic off, so that i can see where the wires go into the transmission in 2 different places. i haven't gone any further, please help if you have heard of it. I have the wheeler still apart next to my shop, went out to the shop last night, one of my kids turned the key on and guess what, yep the green light came on, what gives, please help, before i put this thing back together. Is there anyway to bypass the neutral light needing to be on to crank? I know when the wheeler is in neutral.

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