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  2. Thanks for the info...it is much appreciated! we started it today and it needs the carbs cleaned...but it is a farely smooth running lil thing
  3. I was kinda thinking that...but dunno really...hey it was free LOL gotta a small issue with it at the moment though....no return on the gas...probably an easy fix ...hopefully
  4. True price was right...there is nothing on the motor.....we did find a few numbers below the handle bars.....its a fast lil guy...more than my lil guy needs to handle anyways...seriously dont think even my old 110 Yamaha bike was as fast lol Thanks for the info
  5. I know the bike is a 110 but I do not know if it is a kazuma or a Yamaha Raptor.....however because of ppl on the yamaha boards ( not this website but another one) telling/screaming at me that I have a knock off I figured I would ask around here. Thanks for looking! Here is a link to my FB page so u can see the pics The Raptor....or raptor rip off | Facebook
  6. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2404013974612.127226.1078991499&type=1&l=979f158e46 Heres a link to the pics of the quad ( my FB page)....maybe someone can tell me what it is?
  7. I currently have 3 ATVs, one is a 1999 550 Yamaha Big Bear, a 2001 Kymco 125 and my new acquisition that was given to me. I have no clue as to what it is. Actually though it was a Raptor but realized after being blasted from the Yamaha forums that Yamaha never made a 110 Raptor....or so I was told. None the less it looks just like a raptor, is 110cc and is pretty freakin fast for a lil guy. Ill try to post some images and maybe I can get some feedback on what it is??? Thanks so much! Oh and hey! Hello to everyone! Im a newb! lol

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