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  1. That's it. I don't see any place to adjust the lockout. Thanks a bunch, appreciate it !
  2. not really sure - yeah I'm dumb but I haven't tore anything down. Mine is a 4x4 if that makes any difference. ???? thanks for jumpin in !
  3. Yep, backed brakes off all the way and kept trying the shifter as I re-adjusted the brakes - got nowhere, cable is well lubed.
  4. Nope:aargh: I can't find out if the reverse lockout cable has any kind of adjustment:aargh::aargh:
  5. do you have a vid on brake adjustment ? Reverse lockout adjustment ?
  6. very true, locks are made for honest people as a reminder not to touch. The A&$^les wil get it if they want it bad enough !
  7. Hey, anybody here?! This mike cna't be workin ! I'm lost and can't find my wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Can the reverse lockout be adjusted ??????
  8. Warning: this trailer is guarded by a 357 Magnum three days a week - you decide which three
  9. about 9 degres C, wind blowing like a &*( !!!!!!
  10. re-adjusted brakes according to the owners manual . I think there's an adjustment on the reverse cable thing ? might have to take the brackedt off that covers the gear shift ?????
  11. this is probably posted wrong but i'm new here and can't find info i'm looking for with the search tool. I have a 1997 Big Bear 4x4 350. To shift into reverse the rear brake pedal has to be puished and the select lever pulled back. PROBLEM: i allowed a "buddy" to "adjust" the brakes for me and now I can't get into reverse without using a screwdriver to push back the cable pin inside the shift selector. Maybe the brake adjustment had nothing to do with the issue but I'm pretty new and raw to bike mechanics so I'm looking for ANY help!

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