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  1. If you live in MA, ride in MA, have kids, ride an ATV, or can spare a buck or two- maybe more- please donate. Help the MA ORV community hire a lobbyist to fight for our riding rights. First task will be to change the language on House Bill 3592. This bill, which has the strong possibility of becoming a law would make it illegal for 14 year olds and younger to ride ATV's in the state of MA-YES even on private property! Parents would get fined and could have their license taken away and could possibly serve time in JAIL!!!!! More HERE Not long ago ago there were about 32 state parks in MA offering ATV/ORV trails, now there are just 3- Don't have a date but look at this DOCUMENT Write to the Legislators You can read more about the bill and its progress Here You can read about donating RIGHT HERE! Thank you!!!!
  2. When I first seen it, I was like man..am I really 27?
  3. Anyone else notice, or maybe its just me. I was born in October of '81 but it says I'm 27? Not that I really care, just thought I would point it out.
  4. Doing what I can around the yard, wishing I was riding (Had ACL replacement surgery in April) airing out the camper, going to a coulple cook outs and drinking some cold beer.
  5. Hey Roody! I haven't been on here in a long time. I belong to: High Lifter ATV connection Grizzly Central ATV Torture North East ATVers - Riding Hard, Taking Names! NortheastATV'ers is my home though.
  6. Helmet, gloves, work boots, jeans and usually a long sleeve shirt, more layers if its cold.
  7. Most, if not all, highspeed ISPs provide web hosting. Comcast does, you can host your own mp3's and pictures. I believe Comcast will give you up to 7 accounts with 10 mbs each. You can create your own web page or just host things. Your paying for it, use it
  8. Helmet, gloves, goggles. other then that a pair of jeans and a t shirt or sweat shirt depends on the weather. Looking into getting some 'real' riding gear.

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