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  2. 2003 Arctic cat 400 2x4 FIS I have a no spark issue. I was riding daring deer season, stopped and looked around got back on and it would not start. Waited about 15 mins and it fired up made it back to the trailer, next morning tried to unload and it hit one time ,then nothing, no fire. The ohms coming out of the magneto ,green blue and yellow white wires are within spec. The charging side black black wire was a little high. About .6 ohm’s spec is .32 to .48 ohm’s Checked the ignition coil voltage white/blue wire. I got 190v, spec is 31v and with the starter depressed I got about 188v spec is 130v. I got the same reading with the trigger discounted. ? Would the regulator/rectifier cause this problem or is it the CDI fried ????? Thanks for any help!!!!!

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