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  2. thank you appreciate it ... just shoot me a PM if anything !
  3. I cant remember the numbers off of the top of my head... I would have to find the map... I think 10 was a nice trail.. we ended up pretty high up at one point which was nice
  4. so on a weekend there will be a decent amount of tow vehicles parked in certain spots along burma rd? I would really appreciate if you could either post or PM me some locations to park and where to head out of also
  5. yeha well its actually my buddys truck but hopefully no 1 would torch it... why would people go around doing that anyway?
  6. we havent gone yet period.. waiting for the permits then probably sometime in the next month or so whenever it is warm and we are both free.. most likely a saturday
  7. you mean regarding parking by wal-mart or parking by the side of the road??? now im concerned?
  8. I went to the new one with a honda trx450r... really not meant for sports quads... but it was very scenic
  9. hey, I signed up for here with my buddies we havent gone out there yet.. I saw and heard you can park at the walmart and go out from behind the store going east ... there is riding to the west of 61 as well??? where do you park? feel free to PM me.
  10. hey guys im new on here..me and my buddies just signed up last week I am waiting on the permit in the mail We are coming from central nj ... anyone whos been here before can you please PM me some locations to park, jump on the trails etc; The amount of property is insane.. and we wanna park somewhere safe and also be able to find our way back to our trucks lol st.clair walmart/home-depot looks like the closest spot for us to park coming from NJ right now .

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