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  2. No.. Back when I rolled it years ago the box broke off the crankcase breather hose fitting. I had glued it back on and kept the original box. I noticed a bit ago that it had broken free again so I just ordered a new box and filter to replace it. I'm keeping the quad stock. It works really well as is. It even still has the stock front air intake setup. Perhaps I'll consider a snorkel setup next year if I find it necessary.
  3. Today I started some basic maintainance on my AC... This is where I ended up before the cold and dark got to me... Oil changed, and I started digging for access to replace the air filter box. How far do you go for your seasonal maintainance?
  4. It all depends on the temperatures and parasitic draw. It's best to remove the battery and store it somewhere where it will be warm. Also lead acid batteries (wet cell) have internal draw that happens all the time, so they will discharge themselves and it gets worse with age. It's a good idea to put them in the garage and on a tender every so often during winter. This also keeps the electronics in your quad from draining them. At the very least, disconnect the negitive terminal before leaving it be for long periods of time then charge it before you use it again.
  5. Ahhh, I see. It's okay, we're all dysfunctional is some way.
  6. I swear by the Odyssey batteries. I had one in a old standup jetski that lasted a good 10 years under unspeakable abuse. Full discharges, floodings, and full salt water shorts. They also have near no internal discharge do they can be left alone without a battery maintainer for seasons on end and will still be ready to go when needed. They are expensive, but so worth it.
  7. Thanks guys. Ya, I've had my AC 500 4x4 since '05 but it's only seen the trails like three times... But I've enjoyed them. Mostly it's been a support tool for my PWC racing until now. I'm hoping to swing a trade to get my wife a Prarie 360 or maby a rancher AT sometime soon, then we'd be all set to go out and play.
  8. Hey all. I'm Robert. I'm here in northern California with my wife Amanda and my pups Bella (black lab) and Cosmo (great dane). We're transitioning away from personal watercraft racing to the sport of ATVs. Mostly were looking for just some trail riding and camping possibilities and to meet new people. I'm hoping that ATVs will be more family interactive and a bit cheaper. Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hi.

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