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  2. Ok, I bought the digital download for $5, it has 4 more downloads left. Have at it guys!! http://www.tradebit.com/softlinks/8854542-Suzuki_Quad_Runner_250_King_Quad_280_Service_Manual_Repair_1987-1998.pdf
  3. Anyone? The manual offered above wasn't correct, so I'm still on the hunt for help or the correct manual.
  4. I bought a semi-running 96 king quad 300, it had multiple fuel issues. It's beat up, dirty, and old, but that doesn't matter since it's only going to be dragging dead snowmobiles from trailers to my shop to repair them and put up trail signs for the club. When I bought it, it would run for about 15 or 20 seconds then quit, no matter what was done to keep it alive. A quick look at the guy's house showed that the choke had come off of the carb, all the vacuum and breather lines were off of it, and the original mechanical fuel pump had been replaced with an electric one that was activated by a

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