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  2. Well being you are riding on the beach you want a high engagement of Fast take off, But you also said slow technical stuff which you would want a low engagement. I personally would put in the second from the softest or the in-between/middle of the line springs. As far as the rest of your parts I am not familiar with your quad so I cant say.
  3. Thank you. And Thank you for the online service manual and every ones help!! I learned a lot on this quad. I also found a great place to get Metric Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws Cheap. I replaced all the clutch cover bolts & oil lines bolts, all the exhaust bolts, all the recoil bolts, and all the skid plate bolts with S.S. SHCS for $25.
  4. Well, She runs great with no clutch slippage. I still have to put the rear plastic back on it and I have a small hiccup with the front brakes as When I went to remove the master cylinder screws one screw stripped out so I have to drill the head off to get it out. After I get the screw out I can bleed the front brakes out and she will be done!! I tried out 4 wheel drive and differential lock and every thing works great. I only put 2 miles on around the house. It turned out to be a 2 month + project but for all practical purposes it is finished for now. I will do some upgrade in the future but the total parts cost on this was $700. about $300 more than I planned on putting it to it and I did all the labor. But I am a very happy camper. Maybe next week I can try it out in the proper way!!! I will add some pics soon after I clean the garage as the Saturday I was just thrashing trying to get it done and the garage is a disaster zone!! Now on to My boys DR125 dirt bike and then a Suzuki Quadsport 230 we just bought.
  5. Well, My last parts showed up yesterday. Now I can put the front brakes back together and the rear plastic after I test ride it. I am holding off putting the rear plastic on in case I have to make a clutch adjustment.
  6. Awe, Crackerjacks. I forgot about the exhaust plugs. And it is a pain to tear it apart now. I will do it later after the boys dirt bike is running again as he is just chomping at the bit!!!
  7. Well it 95% back together now. I have the clutch's gone through and just hooked up the rear brake. Boy I am hoping this is done for the weekend!! I am waiting on one part from Suzuki so I can finish putting the RF brake back together and then I will take it for a test ride before I bolt all the plastic and racks on.
  8. To Make things politically correct. I should have said its Hammer Time!!!
  9. Well this has been a bigger job than expected and my parts list is up to $650. I am finally done tearing things apart except for the clutch & carb. I am reassembling things now. I rebuilt the front differential & CV joints, I machined up stainless steel wheel cylinder pistons. That should take care of those freezing up for ever. Replace the front brake shoes and turned the drums. I had to take those out to MAX service limit to get a 98% clean up. Replaced both RH & LH rear axle bearings and seals. Replaced the speedometer and cable. Replaced the front wheel bearing seals. Replaced the rear axle into the engine seals. Replace the RH rear axle shaft and Boots on both sides. Drilled out and re-tapped about 15 broken bolts. and replaced a lot of bolts with Stainless Steel SHCS. The previous owner (kids) managed to break off or strip out or round off every exhaust bolt there was. I have a replacement centrifugal clutch to put in and I pray the clutch plates are good!! I am getting tired of working on this but I am praying I will have it done for the Holiday weekend!! If so its time to tear it up!!
  10. Well, I have multiple parts on order. The front deferential bearing/seal kit showed up this week so I can start to get that back together soon but first I get to help paint our home. My wife decided that she wanted to paint the house NOW!! So all I have worked on the last 4 days is prepping the house for paint. As soon as I get a chance I will update with some photo's on the differential rebuild. Hopefully it will help some one else in the future.
  11. I had a starter soliniod short out once after I got out of a truck. I made it to the house and realized I forgot my lunch box. I turned around to get my lunch box and the truck was coming down the drive way after me. Needless to say I was surprized. I jumped in put the truck in neutral and ran to the garage to get tools to disconnect the battery. On another truck I turned my truck off and it kept running. The parts going to the ignition switch fell apart in the steering colume. I agree it sounds like you have some bare wires/shorted out some place or in the ignition switch.
  12. Thanks Guys. I am glad to be here. Saginaw is not far away at all. About 45 minutes depending on traffic.
  13. Would adding some Kerosene to the oil help flush it out??? On a precision surface grinder at work it uses Kerosene for spindle bearing oil. This grinder runs 3500 rpm's and was built in the 50's. It has never ben torn apart for bearings and runs every day. I was thinking after my front differential had about 15-20 miles on it I would drain it out and fill it back up with Kerosene, Make one lap around the house and drain it. Then refill it back up with gear lube. What do you think??
  14. Gotcha, I camped over there for fishing before and you could here all of them running all day long. I have been up on the dunes walking but I have know idea how big it actually is for the motor sports part.

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