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    I wanted a sport quad for riding through the fields and occasional wood trails and be comfortable and this really does fit the bill. It's torque is something else. It just keeps pulling as long as you stay in the throttle. I think first gear is kind of long though. It a little difficult to barely creep around without almost killing it. But when I want my dose of 'fast', it delivers.
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    Thanks for the comments. I haven't restored it yet. That pic is what it was like right after I bought it. I still have much to do to get it back to factory looks.
  4. thanks 4 your advise. the more i think about it. it nev had the slugish top end until after they said the replaced the jet thats akk they said. quad was only 3days old at the time they did that. they hav sinced closed down n its hard finding another dealer that will even talk to me since i didnt buy quad from them. go figure. il try some stuff u said n let u no. thanks again
  5. thanks 4 repling. i hav drained fuel several times b4. and added octane boost per my dealer.the only thing i can think of is i had the quad 4 3days n it was leaking gas from the plastic tub on the carb. dealer said it was bad jet and replaced it?i have not taken carb off n cleaned it. but i will. i hav looked at hook ups n every thing looks new. thanks 4 the help Rob
  6. i put a promark winch on my 400 4x4 it bolted rite up and works great for around 100 bucks
  7. i have a 2008 articcat 400 4x4 auto i bought new n 2009. it is in mint cond. only has 100 miles on it. my problem is when i go down a steap hill it trys to dye on me. as soon as i get on level ground its fine. and at full throtle it bogs down just a little. if i let up on the throtle just a bit its fine. starts great idles great. done this since it was new. had it back to dealer several times. they eithor said it didnt do it or acouple of times they said mayb bad gas.my friend told me it sounds like a float problem? any help or ideas would b great
  8. my cat only has 100miles on it and is in mint cond. since i bought it new in 2009 it has had what i believe to b a carb problem. going down a steep hill makes it want to stall. as soon as u r on level ground its fine.and at top speed it kinda acts like its starving for gas. u let off the throtel a bit n its fine. idels good starts good. hav taken it back to dealer several times. they eithor said it didnt do it or mayb bad gas. my friend says it sounds like the float level isnt rite. any advise would realy help.

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