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  2. No comments or anything? Am I asking too much? What do you guys think it's worth? I was going by what someone told me it's worth, I had no idea. I tried looking to see what they were going for but couldn't find any for sale. If I am way off any input would be appreciated....
  3. I am selling my Honda trx 70. It is all original everything, I have owned it since 1988 and it runs excellent and everything works as it should. Trans is good, brakes are good, steering, levers & cables, tires....everything perfect. The only issue with it is that it needs a seat cover since the original one is cracked in a couple places Plastic is scratched up a little but has zero cracks. The decals are all there but some are a little rough. ( It is 28 years old) It's stored indoors and has been for about 20 years. Perfect for small kids or bigger kids. I am 290 lbs and it carries me anywhere and everywhere. surprising power for a 70cc. Starts on the first or second pull (If I remember to turn on the gas) Asking $750 or make me an offer - can email pics if interested. (not sure how to put them on here. I am in central Arizona -Payson, Az. email me at [email protected]
  4. Thanks for the help and manuals. I actually found another post where I learned the start circuit goes through the brake light and the brake light switch is kinda funny, it is touchy when you hit the peddle. It works then it don't so you have to kinda pump the brake pedal and it starts right up. Now all I need is a new rear plastic piece ($99) and maybe tires and it will be like new.
  5. OK. I installed a new handlebar switch for the start, kill, lights...ect... I installed a new starter solenoid A new key switch and a battery. Rebuilt the carb. Now it starts if you jump the solenoid and runs great and is a lot of fun to ride. I have no headlights (not concerned with right now, the lights may be burnt out even. The main thing is it will still not start with the start button. I have to jump the solenoid. I was hoping the new switch would fix that problem. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, I downloaded the manual which is nice since i didn't get one with it. I ordered a new handle bar switch last night (starter, kill switch, horn ect...) the one in it was corroded badly and when i took it apart I lost a spring somewhere so i just ordered a new switch. We'll see if that works. I took the tank off and checked the petcock and the small screens inside the tank on the petcock were clogged up fully with varnish. I cleaned them and the tank and reassembled. I have to pull the carb and clean it and I have a new rebuild kit for it. hopefully it will get it running soon for the kids.
  7. I just wanted to toss this out there and see what flies back..... I recently got a Kazuma 150 Falcon ATV for free and seems in pretty decent shape. Problem is it won't start (why it was free). The guy couldn't find the key for it so I bought a new key switch and installed it. The battery is good. The horn works lights don't work no cranking with the start button Will crank by jumping the solenoid. cranking it and shooting ether into the carb and it fires up and runs very smooth. Problem #1 I seem to be getting no fuel as with the line off and the petcock open there is no flow. I am going to pull the tank and clean it and the petcock and make sure nothing is plugged. That's not much of an issue. Problem #2 There seems to be a problem with the kill switch, key switch, starter solenoid or something. Since it will start by jumping the solenoid I believe the starter is good but that's the only way. I am not familiar with these type Quads at all and am not good at tracing electrical problems either....... Any ideas where to start?
  8. I just acquired a new ATV and know nothing about the brand so I decided to join your forum to maybe learn and get some answers . I am not new to ATV's but usually am a Honda guy and own 3 Honda's and 1 Kawasaki. The Kawasaki was a package deal type thing. I got a Kawasaki 350 (big bear I think) and a Honda TRX 70 ATV for cheap. The new one is a Kazuma 150 Falcon ATV. I also own and ride a Honda Rincon 650, the wife has a Honda Recon 250. Hopefully I can get the Kazuma running with your guys help........

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