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  2. Sorry cant help you but welcome to the club. someone please help this man.... Pat
  3. Back in my younger days of racing motor cycles, we were on the Ice at Whitmore lake practicing on a roundy round track. When coming off the ice it cracked and swallowed my front wheel. At times like this you find out who your friends really are. Thin ice, lake, cold, wet water. I had a rope thrown to me and tied it to my back wheel, jumped in the lake, (near shore 3ft deep) and lifted my bikes wheel while the guys pulled on the rope. No one would come near me to help. Would I do it again, you bet I would only on a quad now.....
  4. Not skeered of mud, I ride a 2012 Brute with very aggresive tires. Pix to follow.
  5. Here in texas mud is at a premium. It contains water. Dust sucks but its all we got.
  6. Been to Red River area before, i like the fall and all the colors. Thats probably what I would like, fall, not necessary red River Area...
  7. Dont know, would like to ride with a small group for 2 or 3 days in the future.
  8. Hi Another Texan here in Fort Worth. Just looking for riding buddies or future trips to colorado, or so... glad to hear from you'all:laugh:

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