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  1. Ok thanks. Looks like I will just get a battery to run the led lights and then just charge it after we ride each time. I also have a question about a rear shock. I'll create a new thread for that. I would greatly appreciate all of your opinions.
  2. Thanks for the reply and video clip. Another valuable piece of info. Much appreciated. Seems like the easiest or quickest thing to do would be to just install a battery and run the lights off that. Would have to remember to put the trickle charger on it after riding though. Is the consensus here that the stator would not be able to charge the battery? Thanks!
  3. That is a very valuable piece of info. I never knew about the stator putting out an AC voltage. Much appreciated. You saved me from burning up an LED bar. And thanks for confirming the headlight dimming. What about a converter for such an application? From AC to DC? Anybody make one?
  4. Hello everyone, My Suzuki LT185 didn't come with a battery from the factory (no electric start). I was wondering if I would need to add a battery if I wanted to install some of those light bars/pods or should I just wire it in to the headlight switch? Will the generator be able to put out enough juice to run the light bar? Also, is it normal for the headlight to get dim at idle, then brighter when driving? Never had a quad before with just a generator. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the service manual. I checked a few places online, but nobody seems to offer new front shocks for this quad.
  6. Hello eeveryone, Just picked up an 86 Suzuki LT185 for my daughter, and she's complaining that it bounces so bad over bumps that it nearly throws her off the quad. I have the tire pressures some where around 3 psi. I really can't go any lower than that. I noticed that there isn't anything in the aftermarket world for shocks and springs for this quad. I am wondering what others are doing to soften up the ride. Also wondering if there's a way to fabricate a rear shock, since there isn't one. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
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  8. Ok, I got the clutch carrier that I needed and started to put it in the other day. I had to take off the R/S engine cover in order to install the new carrier. When I took off the cover, several pieces fell to the ground. Keep in mind, the entire clutch carrier blew right out of the R/S engine cover. So I suspected that there may be some loose part in there. I do not see any of these pieces in any of the diagrams. There are some pics of the R/S engine in the manual, but it is really unclear----smudgy ink). If I make pics available of the parts that fell out, can someone help me figure out how they go back? Or, even if someone refers me to a "clear" diagram of the R/S engine and the inside of the cover, that would be great too. It seems that the parts have something to do with how the R/S engine cover mounts and that little fork that's inside perhaps. Thanks
  9. Thanks, but I don't see any of the parts that I have in that diagram. Can anyone clarify?
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and just recently inherited a 1990 Big Bear 4X4 semi-automatic. My son was riding it and the cover on the right side of engine blew out with a bunch of parts laying all over the ground. I did not ever find the cover. Anyway, I do have the Clymer book for this ATV, but it does not show a clear picture of how it all goes back together. What I recovered was one little spring and 4 weights/shoes, etc. From the looks of the parts that I found on the ground, it seems like it is a centrifugal clutch. Is that correct? I would love to ride it again, but need to know how to put it back together and what parts are missing. Thanks

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