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Suzuki LT185 Adding a battery?


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Hello everyone,

My Suzuki LT185 didn't come with a battery from the factory (no electric start). I was wondering if I would need to add a battery if I wanted to install some of those light bars/pods or should I just wire it in to the headlight switch? Will the generator be able to put out enough juice to run the light bar? Also, is it normal for the headlight to get dim at idle, then brighter when driving? Never had a quad before with just a generator. 


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The lights on older ATV's are fed directly from the stator using AC voltage whereas any other aftermarket lights and accessories (pretty much all LED these days) are DC.  So yes, you would need a battery.  It's fairly common for the lights to flicker or dim at idle on the older ones.  All of my old Honda 3 wheelers did that and got really bright at WOT.

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That is a very valuable piece of info. I never knew about the stator putting out an AC voltage. Much appreciated. You saved me from burning up an LED bar. And thanks for confirming the headlight dimming. 

What about a converter for such an application? From AC to DC? Anybody make one?

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I doubt the stator in the 185 would be able to handle several pods or a good size bar. They are just made to run the machine, not to charge a battery or power accessories. I imagine you could get away with a single LED cube, maybe two.. i'd have to grab the service manual for my '84 to see the output lol. However yes you would need a regulator/rectifier, ran to the A/C output side of the stator to get your dc voltage to the lights.

This is a good clear video a guy does an install on a pit bike similar setup

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Thanks for the reply and video clip. Another valuable piece of info. Much appreciated. Seems like the easiest or quickest thing to do would be to just install a battery and run the lights off that. Would have to remember to put the trickle charger on it after riding though.

Is the consensus here that the stator would not be able to charge the battery?


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