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  2. I highly doubt it's stolen but you never know. I'm still in contact with the seller since we're both hunters and plan on hunting together this season. I haven't had time to ask the dealer yet, thanks for everyone's responses
  3. Hey guys, I have a Yamaha big bear 250 and was wondering if there was a way to reduce noise levels. Deer season is close by, and walking is out of the question.
  4. So how would I get one for a big bear I bought used? I don't have the most legit bill of sale.. it won't be a problem to get a more official one, though
  5. Thanks for your reply! Ill wait and see if oxidized has a manual for my year and model and ill start breaking her down. Thanks again!
  6. My ATV only starts when in full choke even after I let it warm up and ride around I try to lower the choke but will end up stalling. I just put seafoam in the gas tank and will try that out first in about 15 min. I'm just worried that when it gets cold I'll have issues. Also, when I try to lower the choke after being warmed up I hear no difference in the idle. Is there a way to adjust this? Side question, when I do stall and im in gear its hard to go back into neutral to start it up again. I tried rocking back and forth but that didnt work. After 3 min it went into neutral smoothly.
  7. New here with a 07 big bear 250!! Cheers
  8. Hey, I'm trying to learn my first ATV purchase and would greatly appreciate a service manual for 2007 big bear 250 2wd thanks

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