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  2. The reg/rec I just installed is different from the original & the one I put in last year, so maybe better luck with this one... hopefully. Sorry no, put grease on all of them, not in all of them.
  3. Well it finally got warm here! I checked all the wiring, even took the harness apart and checked it all out, and everything looks good. I cleaned all connectors & put dielectric grease in all of them. Replaced the voltage reg/rec & it fired right up. Checked the vacuum lines from the carb & there was no gas in either of them. So far its running fine again. It seems that all the problems were being caused by the reg/rec but I havent figured out what has caused it to go out twice within the span of a year. Any other ideas besides bad ground connections? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Ill post back what I find this weekend.
  5. Well hopefully this weekend I can get to this! Still cold here, but supposed to get to 40 by weekend. Tim-ANC, what if I do find fuel in one or both of these? Carb problem, fuel pump problem? Thanks
  6. Yep, record breaker last night, only supposed to get down to about 8 tonight though. Thats a little better!
  7. I'll give it a shot if I can get it to start, but it has to warm up here first. Was -13 this morning! Thanks Tim-ANC
  8. There is no off option, its on, pri, and res.
  9. Thanks again oxidized_black! Gotta wait for it to warm up a bit more & Ill go through it.
  10. Well it's been too cold, for me anyway, to work on it, but I believe its now blown the voltage reg again. I just replaced this last year! Started up fine & idled fine, but when I reved it up the headlights got real bright and blew out & it died. Now with no headlights, it wont start up at all. Pretty sure Ive got an electrical problem & probably not fuel related at all now. Any thoughts on what would cause it to burn out the volt reg again?
  11. Thanks oxidized_black, hopefully I can get to it this weekend if not too cold outside.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply... I should have mentioned that I ran some seafoam through it also, but that didnt help either.
  13. Starts fine and will run fine for maybe 5 - 10 minutes, then it sputters down to where it will barely move. It will idle fine but bogs down when given gas. If I turn it off then immediatly start it back up again, it will run fine for maybe 20 - 30 feet then sputter down to barely moving again. It will spuuter & cough & bog down for maybe 25 -30 minutes & then it will start picking up to the point that eventually it will run fine for as long as I want to ride it. I thought maybe water in the fuel, so I put some heat in it but that didnt help. I drained some fuel into a jar, but didnt see any water in it. I just dont even know where to begin. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  14. OK, just wanted to confirm that the voltage regulator was the problem. I put on a new one & everything is fine! Well, I have to replace the taillight & headlight bulbs (they dont seem to like 19+ volts too much) but other than that everything seems fine.

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