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  1. The county voted to go wet this year. There are several package stores in the county now. You won't have to go near as far to "fill up" now.
  2. MikeD


  3. Nope. Finally took the carb apart and it had a lot of junk in it. Cleaned it up and it's running like a big dog. I did take the advice of one of the earlier post about covering up hte breather tube intake and it took off prettiy good (inital troubleshooting only). I think that the carb could not pull enough fuel through the jets and when you cover the intake, the vacuum increased in the carb and forced more fuel through the jets. It's not like new, but it's close enough now.
  4. Anybody have a manual for a 2000 Polaris Xpedition 425?
  5. Did you ever figure this out. Mine is doing the exact same thing. Sometimes I can hold the brakes and throttle up and the front wheels will come of the ground. But just as you have described take off under a load, such as up hill it just won't rev up. If I can ever get the RPM's up, it runs great, probably 30+ miles an hour for as long as you hold the throttle down.

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