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  1. Is it simpler to remove the covers to work on this? I can see the connector to the fan but that is about it. I've never had one of these apart so it is a new adventure for me.
  2. Make and model are Arctic Cat 2004 500 BTX with the Suzuki motor. Kawiherder, aka Interceptor398 are from my sled site and collection and I have used them in more than a few places. Your reply is the starting place I was hoping for and I thank you for that!!
  3. It starts and runs Ok but after a while the temp gage lights up and the fan fails to start. Any suggestions on where to start looking would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Kawiherder


  5. The wiring harness was fixed and working fine. Now this machine has picked up a clicking noise when driving front or back. It is something in the drive train. Sometimes when shifting it will not catch the gear right away. Any thoughts?
  6. It turned out to be the connector for the key switch. It was easy to get at so he is off to the dealer. He thinks it might be a 2005 but is still not sure.
  7. LOL, that would be fine but it's a little hard to get it out of the woods.
  8. Like the title says it dies when turning left and it seems that all power quits as the headlight also go out. It belongs to my father in law he started it and it idles fine. Turn the handle bar to the left and all the power goes out. Turning right it's fine. Battery connections are fine but it was getting dark and hard to see. The year I am unsure of but maybe 2007. I will get a chance to see it in the daylight soon and check the wiring but any heads up from someone who has had this happen would be helpfull. Thanks

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