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  1. Sorry for the confusion - I mean that the manual you've posted is for a model with disc rears, and the 4x2's have drums. Mine is a 2000 model USA YFM400M per motoverse's lookup.
  2. Hey there everyone. Father in law picked up a used 2000 BB400 4x2 - motor runs well, no smoking. Little cold natured, but starts easy enough on full choke, and as it warms up you can back the choke off to a normal idle. Not uncommon for older carbed bikes/quads. but - cold or hot, this thing is sometimes a real pain to get into reverse or 1st without rocking it back and forth a good bit. as it warms up, again it acts better,but doesn't get perfect. When moving,it shifts up and down smoothly and accurately with no signs of clutch slipping. Oil looks good and clean. I see the clutch adjustment on the left side crankcase - but before I go screwing with anything, I'd like some other's opinions on what I might do to make the engagement easier. thanks, Chris
  3. Is there possibly a different manual for a 2000 Big Bear 400 out there? I have the onesin your list, but they are for the 4x4, and I can't tell what sub model they are for, but my 4x2 has drum brakes, and this manual is for disc rear brakes. thanks!

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