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  2. Great site with real helpful members. great stories, pictures and videos. keep on riding guys and girls. dig in
  3. if you can get a kodiak they are a good reliable multi purpose bike with very few drawbacks. most will cost you if they brake a big part. but all in all go kodiak....
  4. Whip Thanks heaps. i rang an old mate of mine who has a bike shop, they suggested a harmonic balance puller could do the job. ... it worked a treat. the bearing is definately worn and so is the drive gear. replacing both.
  5. Hi All i have a 2000 Kodiak 400 that seems to have a starter bearing problem and i would like to confirm it with your help. the electric start works but does not engage the drive shaft. the bike however it will start with the pull starter. little hard on the arm tho. i have removed the pull starter and the staiter but at this stage am having trouble getting the flywheel off with out a puller to do the the work (any hints gratefully accepted). i have done this to check the one way starter bearing. If you could help me i would be greatful. Thanks Jenko

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