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  2. Everything was pretty caked with snow, but I can't see any evidence of moisture in the intake or aircleaner. I think I may have fixed it today. I think it was a fouled plug. I checked the battery (13.3 volts) and its charging at 14.5. So that seemed good. I pulled the plug out and it was wet so I know it's getting gas but it was also black and sooty. After I replaced the plug I ran it around pretty hard through the snow for 20 minutes or so and it seems ok, no stalling. I guess if the new plug fouls before the end of winter ill have to check if its running to rich and why it's running ri
  3. That seems ok. I pulled the fuel line off of the carb and started it up. Running off of the fuel in the carb I half filled a water bottle before it stalled. Carb boot looks ok. I'll check the battery and see what the charging voltage is and report back.
  4. I was plowing with my my quad last night and the thing just started sputtering and died. It will start and idle but if I put it in gear or try to give it gas while in neutral it stalls. If I feather the gas it will rev but then winds down stalls and then pops. I removed the carb and cleaned it, still doing it. I drained the fuel and put new fuel with sea foam, still doing it. I pulled the fuel line and started the engine and there is plenty of gas flowing out. Maybe the electric choke? But I don't smell it flooding. I guess I will try the plug next, but it doesn't seem like a plug issu

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