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  2. Everything was pretty caked with snow, but I can't see any evidence of moisture in the intake or aircleaner. I think I may have fixed it today. I think it was a fouled plug. I checked the battery (13.3 volts) and its charging at 14.5. So that seemed good. I pulled the plug out and it was wet so I know it's getting gas but it was also black and sooty. After I replaced the plug I ran it around pretty hard through the snow for 20 minutes or so and it seems ok, no stalling. I guess if the new plug fouls before the end of winter ill have to check if its running to rich and why it's running rich. It is doing a little back fire when I shut it off but I think it has always done that...... Thanks for all the feedback. Sharing info is better than shelling out 90 bucks an hour at the dealer any day.
  3. That seems ok. I pulled the fuel line off of the carb and started it up. Running off of the fuel in the carb I half filled a water bottle before it stalled. Carb boot looks ok. I'll check the battery and see what the charging voltage is and report back.
  4. I was plowing with my my quad last night and the thing just started sputtering and died. It will start and idle but if I put it in gear or try to give it gas while in neutral it stalls. If I feather the gas it will rev but then winds down stalls and then pops. I removed the carb and cleaned it, still doing it. I drained the fuel and put new fuel with sea foam, still doing it. I pulled the fuel line and started the engine and there is plenty of gas flowing out. Maybe the electric choke? But I don't smell it flooding. I guess I will try the plug next, but it doesn't seem like a plug issue, it's acting like a fuel thing. But the carb is super clean and the fuel is new. Anyone have anything ideas?

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