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  2. I saw some part on Rockymountainatv.com that was like a clip on idea that dropped the front 2"...if you are racing and you got the money to put out for Fox they are top of the line and ride like a dream from what I understand. Personally, Works is where it is at. They are a solid couple hundred bucks cheaper than most high end shocks but they made my old bike ride like a dream and I fully intend on getting them ASAP. As for a shock that is more towards you're style I'm at a loss on what to tell you. Good luck, let me know what you go with and how it turns out please!!
  3. Thanks bro let me know how it goes! I watched a video of a guy who had a 650xr (I think..all i remember is it was a 650) in his honda...I died a little on the inside after watching him break it while riding AROUND massive jumps he had haha
  4. How would I beef up my quad? NEW SHOCKS! When I had my older quad I was riding Works shocks and I cant imagine a smoother ride! Hitting those jumps, riding the whoops, or just cruising they soften up everything. Next option? Spacers. A tight wheelbase under a power plant like mine is no fun. I like to put the quad sideways through the corners and Id feel all around way more comfortable on my bike if it was widened. Both of those options sound great and all but they aren't what is important. No matter what sport you are in, safety is key. If you take a branch to the eyes and cant see anymore what use is a quad, computer, or a whole variety of luxuries and necessities that we use day to day. On top of my shopping list is a new helmet (with goggles), a chest protector, neck brace, and boots. I grew up with a chest protector and helmet but it has come to my attention that 400cc of beast is between my legs and I need to step up my game, borrowing a helmet from my neighbor is not going to cut it. As of now, my Honda TRX400EX is parked in the garage impatiently begging me to hit the trails again. Occasionally I will even sit down and turn the engine over just to hear it purr like a kitten. MMMM. As you can see, this gift card would be useful, for I refuse to ride in an unsafe environment because it just is senseless. Thanks for the read guys! Good luck to all! --Jradd
  5. Kool man thanks and didn't think of that, I didn't think all of Honda's quads were up to liquid cooled at this point
  6. Hi guys, I was recently looking at a 2007 Honda 400ex. This quad has been bored out and modded and blah blah blah. I looked at it and noticed the valve timing was off (and resulted in tapping) as well as the brake lever was degreased. I was wondering a couple things about it just for personal preference plus I wanna hear what people have to say. First off the engine is bored after being ridden for about 1 1/2-2 years of riding (the bike wasn't purchased until 2010) and if for whatever reason the engine dies from something happening would I be able to eventually put a 450 engine in it. I understand these quads don't die (my uncle's '99 is still hauling ass) but I intend to race again eventually and wanted to see posibilities. Also, like many people, I prefer the older 400ex front plastics that have the double headlights. Are the mounting spots the same? I figured the headlights could be rewired but do the plastics mount the same? I apologize for noobish questions, I haven't ridden in years and at that time I didn't do much of the work myself. Let me know if there is anything I should be aware of on this model of quad or anything I may not know that I will need to soon! Thanks for reading! :elvis: :elvis: :elvis: :elvis:

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