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  1. I rebuild my front diff but can't find the torque spec for the pinion nut for my 1998 500 quadrunner. It had timkin bearings so I know the preload needs to be correct not to overheat or be too loose and take it out again. Does anyone know what the correct torque is. Thanks
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  3. I am having trouble with my 4x4. It won't stay in 4x4 unless the Diff lock lever is on and then,of course, its in Diff lock. The problem is it won't stay in just 4x4. I am wondering if any of you have had the front diff apart on a 700 King Quad? Does 4x4 and diff lock use the same gears? I am trying to figure out my problem here? Could it be the selector button? When you push it in the button pops back and as soon as the quad moves it kicks out of 4x4. But diff lock works fine so that is what troubles me. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. My bike kicks out of 4x4 as soon as it moves? 4 high or 4 low both kick out But diff lock works fine? I wonder if it could be the shift button for 2wheel drive to 4x4? Or is it my differential? Help

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