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  2. I have replaced the regulator/rectifier and now the main fuse randomly blows. No chaffed wiring or breaks anywhere. I am thinking disconnect all of the lights and see if the problem repeats to at least eliminate something. Any other ideas or similar issues/fixes from anyone? Thanks
  3. I recently posted pics of a burned up stock regulator/rectifier on a 2000 Suzuki King Quad 300. It lasted about 14 yrs. and the group advised replacing it. After doing this and replacing the battery it started having the same symptoms before the other unit died. The engine would run very rough unless the headlight was switched on. Then while riding one day the engine died completely. Any ideas as to what might be killing this particular part. The part was not that hard to replace but runs about $95.00 and is a pain to access. Want to get this tested and repaired once and for all. Any suggestio
  4. I am replacing a burned up regulator/rectifier as well as the connector. I should have marked the yellow wires better as now I am not sure which is the 1, 2, or 3 wire. Im sure that they need to be connected correctly. I could probably figure out the 2 wire as a middle wire in the 3 and have the diagram but need to know how to connect these three yellow wires. Thanks. David
  5. Yes I will definitely split and check/repair all wiring. It did look like a couple of the generator wires (there are three total) that may have made connection with one another on the main harness side. That concerned me. Could that have happened when I pull started the engine and had it running briefly?
  6. I'm hoping that is all that it is but I was worried that it could have damaged something else due to the severity of the "meltdown". here is the link to the pic.: 00 suzuki king quad 300 burnt regulator/rectifier connector Picture » QUADCRAZY ATV Community The fuse did not blow and another thing that was odd was that the when the switch was in the headlight position there was no current going to lo/hi dimmer switch from the ignition switch. When I took the switch off and tested it for continuity it tested okay. I also was perplexed as to why I had only about .5 volt at the auxiliary fuse
  7. I have a 2000 king quad 300 and had a no start problem that was preceded by intermittent instances of the bike shutting off then neutral light flickering when in neutral an then no neutral or reverse light followed by a no start condition and no lights when switched to that position. Upon investigating the regulator rectifier I found that its connector had been melted. The connector will have to be replaced and I think that it is safe to say that the regulator/rectifier is shot. Is there anything else that could have caused this connector to melt or could have also been damaged. I dont want t

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