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  2. Think I found the problem looks like the rubber nipple on the float valve was gone got it to run as best as I could until the carb kit comes in
  3. It's gotta be man this thing has driven me crazy
  4. Also found the spark plug to be carbon fouled what would cause this is it electrical or carb
  5. Ok I have a bayou I have been working on runs at idle once the throttle gets to about 40 to 50 it falls in its face I have done the following Cleaned carb SEVERAL TIMES Compression test - good Leak down test - good Adjusted the valves - good Checked timing - spot on Coil test - good Stator test - good Crank sensor - good Checked the crank key - good Cleaned air filter cleaned gas tank sprayed carb cleaner around boot head and cylinder All good Tested carb float level - within spec Only thing I noticed is there is a bunch of dirt and dryer mud in all electrical conections that will be getting cleaned this bike is all stock I'm just pulling out my hair trying to get this thing to run right
  6. I would kill to find a LT500R hope you have a blast riding that 400ex they are great bikes
  7. Started out on a trx125 when I was 9 all I could remember was my father saying don't hot rod that thing don't do doughnuts an of course every time I left his sight I pegged it and ride the same to this day only with my son I am showing him how to do the things dad never let me do had not ridden in years got my son a trx90 that he fell in love with now i can not seem to get off the seat or or a wrench out of my hand around them
  8. Just saying hi to everyone really like this forum and have ran across it alot working on Atvs thanks alot for the really good info and hope I can be of some service.

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