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  2. I am looking for a good not to expensive winch for my yamaha 400 grizzley. All I am going to use it for is to raise and lower a snow blade 6-10 inches. I have been looking all over and many seem to feed back out a couple inches after feeding the cable in and I do not need that to happen. Any ideas on a winch out there?
  3. what about a running light? should it have one that is on all the time?
  4. well I replaced the bulb that was in it with one just like it, maybe the people I bought it from had the wrong bulb in it. what is the correct bulb to use if I may ask? Like I say not even a running light is on. It is supposed to be on at all times isn't it?
  5. can anyone tell me where to go and see the proper way to adj. the brakes on my 400 kodiak? I believe my fluid level is ok but the brakes are not real firm. Thx for the help. corkey:confused:
  6. I have a 1996 kodiak 400 and the only time my tail light is working is when my lights are on. I have replaced the bulb and still no brake light or running light comes on without the head light being on. It does not come on when I use the foot brake or hand brake either. any ideas out there as to what my problem might be? Thx for the help!!! corkey
  7. Hello all, I am new here and this is my 1st post so please bear with me. I have a 400 kodiak 1996 model. I have a john deere snow plow for my mower a(4 ft. wide). I had someone tell me that it can be put on my atv but I am not sure how the heck you make it mount up under the frame. They told me they used there same mounting brackets that cam with the plow and went to (farm and home store in our area) and bought the brackets to mount underneath. I do not find these brackets. Anyone out there have any advice on how I can do this or where I can go to get some ideas with out spending an arm and a leg? thx for any and all help!!!

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