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  2. I think you should get a new set of reeds and a gasket kit I had same issue with mine It sat for six years and changed the reeds and got a gasket set for like 20 bucks now she starts first kick
  3. Idles good but have to give it gas to start and the dealer said they cleaned the shit out of it when I took it back with the issue
  4. Well I can't find an exact number but I know a stock Honda 300ex is 16-18 rwhp so with the smaller engine and being off brand probably 10-12rwhp
  5. Okay so I need a little help just picked up a brand new 2012 yfz450 carb model being that it was a left over I thought my cutting out issue was bad fuel but even after draining the tank and putting fresh gas in it after riding for about 20-30 min in the trails if I hit the throttle wide open it cuts out bad (doesn't die though) it won't even climb hills and the one time it was so bad my buddy beat me on a stock 300ex my yfz is completely stock no mods at all and I have tried taking it back to dealer but since it mainly is after some trail riding they can not replicate the problem someone plz help I've only been able to ride this for one tank of gas being its running like chit and have to turn home at big hills my buddys chit quads climb right up
  6. Did u find out what the problem was I am also have trouble with my 2012 yfz carb model when I go out to ride it runs good for a few minutes but 20-30 mins of trail riding I go to wot and it cuts out very bad won't climb any kind of hills at all I even got beat by my buddys 300ex lol

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