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  2. Im looking for a atv fertilizer spreader that will spread bagged manure like Walmart sales. Does anyone have any recommendations or what have some of you used that will work with the bagged manure/fertilizer.
  3. Did you figure out your problem, mine is still messed up.
  4. Well this is a long term problem that keeps getting slowly worse. The atv runs fine for awhile and then especially when it starts getting cold it begins not wanting to start. It also wants to not want to start when i go on long rides. I took it to a suzuki dealer in helena last year and they replaced the piston and honed the head and it ran fine for awhile but then it started right back into not wanting to start, especially in cold weather. I got out the book and started through the not wanting to start section. the gas is fine, the breather tube is fine but there appears to be a weak spark at the plug. so I am just following the book. It said to check the CDI and Ignition coil but the manual really doesnt show a good picture of exactly where they are.
  5. OK guys, Ive got a 1996 suzuki king quad 300. Just where and how do you get to the CDI unit on these? Is there a way to check these if you dont have the suzuki tool or meter?
  6. Forgot to tell you folks that everytime the valves were adjusted they were tight. Once they were re-adjusted it would run fine for awhile and then it wouldnt start again. Adjust the valves and it would run again. The last time I run it I put about 50 miles on it and had a hard time getting it started once I turned it off (and that is after it was repaired with a new piston, rebore on the cylinder and rings and gasket at $854.00.
  7. Questions for you guys, I have a 1996 king quad 300 with less than 2000 miles on it. I started having problems with it starting. had the valves adjusted and it worked for awhile and then started having probllems starting again, had valves adjusted and again it worked for awhile and then it wouldnt start and it seemed each time I had the valves adjusted it was taking less time for it to quit running. I took it in last time for repair and they replaced the whole top end, piston etc. and now it runs pretty well, but I have noticed if I run it 40-50 miles it is hard to start. Any ideas

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