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  2. I should also mention, it ran great before it ran out of gas
  3. i have a 300 king quad im working on! it was brought to me for a carb cleaning! I have cleaned the carb it was plugged solid above the needle valve, as it was run out of gas. the fuel pump was also plugged and full of rust, so a new pump has been put on. after the carb cleaning it would only run with the choke on and pet cock on pre, now that the pet cock has been repaired and works properly, and I took the carb apart again and went over it. now it wants to flood the cylinder and plug. it also sprays a bit of gas out the intake side. it will start when the plug is dried out and the gas is burnt out of the cylinder, it will not rev out and only runs if you hold the throttle wide open! it has me baffled! also the vacuum at the top of the carb, should it go to the pump or petcock? if anyone has a downloadable manual for this bike it would also help! thanks in advance for an help

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