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  2. Thanks I will try that then
  3. Tried everything. Now my digital display has gone completely out. No readout at all. Display completely balmk
  4. I have to same problem with my 2007 Artic Cat. Except mine the screen goes blank and EFI starts flashing and won't start back for about 5-10 minutes. Any advice please. Replaced battery 3 times this year already
  5. I bought this 4 wheeler last year brand new no hours right off show room floor. It was a 2007 but it was what I was looking for in regards to power and ground clearance. I have 35hours on it. Replaced the fan and now fan does t come in like before. Replaced battery three times in 1 year. After running it for 10 - 15 minutes the digital screen goes blank and the EFI goes to blinking. Just put a brand new battery in today and cranked it drive it about a mile and back. Turned off and fan wasn't on and went to crank it back and EFI was flashing and won't start. Any suggestion as to the problem. It's deer season and had to sit home openin day of muzzleloader season because of this problem AGAIN

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