My new number plates!

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    • By Grillmastertoo
      Good morning....
      Just curious if anyone can make recommendations on which brand or type to install on my 2012 KQ?
      Also, are these projects simple enough to be done by the average Joe or does a dealer need to get involved?
      I can handle nuts and bolt stuff, but not certain of electrical work needed to tie a winch into the system.
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    • By marioweldinginc
      Im permit number 81. Whats yours?
      Sent from my SGH-T959V using Tapatalk

    • By PolarisRich
      Hey guys
      I've been looking around for skid plates for my machine and I'm having some trouble finding ones that will fit my bike. I have a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO and everyone seems to sell everthing but 2005. I've found one's to fit 2000-2004 and 2006-2011 but not 05's. Just strange!!!!!
      I'm guessing that there are almost no changes between 05 and 06 models.
      So do I take a chance and order 06's and hope they fit?
      If anyone here has an 05 with skids, let me know what you have and where you got them from please!
    • By miller6951
      Hi i have a 1985 lt 230 quadsport and i wanted to know what the torque specifications were on the bolts the hold the springs in the clutch and they also hold the front cover on. I never replaced a clutch on a atv before. I have the service manual but it does not specify the torque amounts? Also if any one had a step by step tururial please post it
    • By aimless
      I have a Suzuki Quadsport 250z that I picked up last summer. I don't know the year of it and I would like to know where to find the serial number of it.