06 TRX90 What Exhaust

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There are soooooo many different Brands out there that it is hard to tell which is the best bang for the buck....Which performs best, ETC. ETC.....Its always boiled down to what I have always had on my Bikes and that is DG...They have always served me well....

Out of Curiosity....I am curious what everyone in the ATV world thinks about this.....

So far Everything Motor Wise is Stock....I will be adding a K&N so want to know what is best fitted for this thing.....Its not going to be Raced or anything.....Just want to spice it up a bit.....Im thinking just a DG slip on.....Cheap and it will sound good...

Any Thoughts.....?????

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In my experience DG stands for Don't Get. HMF has a mini series. It is a full system for $200. And you can even pick your own canister colors.(spark arrestor not included)

HMF Racing / Shop / Pipes / Honda / TRX 90 (06-10)

Big Gun makes a decent one too...

[ame=]YouTube - TRX 90 with Big Gun Exhaust[/ame]

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I have seen 1st hand, never owned... But I have seen numerous pipes crack at the welds and the mounts. In a short time, not on a 5 year old pipe. I have seen their nerfs have the same issues.

But at the same time I know a few people that have had great luck with them.

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FMF makes a good exhaust for the TRX 90 my friend bought his son one from Rocky Mountain ATV for i think around $200.00 but it has held up great, as far as exhaust cracking or breaking this usually happens because of in proper maintenance the the muffler is never re packed if you do the proper maintenance the FMF should defiantly last awhile.

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