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I would be grateful if anyone could help me re the recoil starter for my Honda TRx70.

I am refurbishing a 1986 model - I am based in the UK and I am having trouble to find a new or used recoil starter.

Could anyone advise me if another models recoil starter would work - for example ATC110?? I am new to refurbishing and am still learning so any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I have trawled the interent looking for sites that would help and I am constantly on ebay but have had no luck!! I need one to start the engine as it doesnt have one.

Look forward to the advice.



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The starter is an obsolete part, and cannot be found at a parts dealer, online or otherwise. Your best bet IMO is to search atv salvage yards online. The starter from a 110 is has a different part #, but they are also obsolete, so it really doesn't matter much if it did fit. The engine design hasn't changed much, so there is a chance that the recoil starter off of a '93 or newer TRX 90 may fit, but you may have to use the entire mechanism, including the innermost pulley. There is also the possibility that the electric starting system off a newer chinese atv could be adapted to your motor since most of those small chinese machines use engines that are literal copies of old Honda technology. Do your research and good luck.

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Thanyou for the advise.Im begining to regret buying this quad.Its getting me down(falling at the first hurdle!)Its a lovely little quad though.My initial plan was to get an LT80 for my son Patrick but on reflection i thought it was too big and clumsey.The trx70 seemed a far better size. I have spent hours stripping paint and spraying new and put it all back together.It looks brand new.Its a shame we have no parts in the UK since its so expensive to buy parts from US ,shipping them over, in the hope that they will fit.Regards David

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Sorry to hear things aren't working out. If you can get that little Honda off your hands without losing too much, the Suzuki LT 80 is an excellent machine. My younger brother had one when we were kids, it was always reliable and worked flawlessly for the years that we had it. It is a good bit larger than the Honda 70, but that also means your son would have room to grow on it. Parts are still available and the two stroke engine is much easier to work on.

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