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Hey all I hope all is going well for everyone.

2003 EIGER 5 spd -

I need the part# for a the 4x4/4x2 switch- The one up on the handelbar. Mine broke the other day. I took it apart last night and there is a small white piece that hooks to the cable. It's broken. I'm probably going to have to get the entire setup switch and cable. - That's ok I'll jut replace the entire cale and all.

ANyone help please with the part# for the entire setup? Where is best place ot get it? My local dealer??

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An online retailer like Bike Bandit is a much better place to get parts than a dealer. Dealerships place huge markups on OEM parts. Service Honda and Babbits Online Parts are also good places to check. Just look up your machine, they will list the part #'s on the site.

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