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  1. Hey all I hope all is going well for everyone. 2003 EIGER 5 spd - I need the part# for a the 4x4/4x2 switch- The one up on the handelbar. Mine broke the other day. I took it apart last night and there is a small white piece that hooks to the cable. It's broken. I'm probably going to have to get the entire setup switch and cable. - That's ok I'll jut replace the entire cale and all. ANyone help please with the part# for the entire setup? Where is best place ot get it? My local dealer??
  2. Please Please any help -- I'm replaceing my right front half shaft and I dont know how to get the axle out... I got the axle apart and pulled the entire unit away from the Quad - I have a complete axle to replace it. When I tapped the axle, it pulled everything away from the quad. That's not what I wanted as the 'green egg' (that my axle slides into) came away from the differential I can't dis-attach it from my axle. I pulled the boot back and can see the bearings in the 'green egg' but cant get the axle out of the green egg-- it wants to pull the bearings out and they wont come out either. (which is good) - I dont really want to pull that out/apart and mess with those. I wanted to pull the axle out and slip mine in. How do I get that out???
  3. I got the 3000lb Champion from Tractor Suppy for 100.00 bucks (it was on sale) It works great. This weekend I had to pull a neighbors Kawaski up and over and through - It pulled him and a dogwood about 30 feet straight up and over some rough terrain. She grunted but she didnt stop pullin. I was very impressed. I've used it very little since I got it but It's hard to get my Eiger stuck where I ride. It goes just about anywhere I want. I would recommend the Champion. 4 sure.
  4. Hypothetical situation - You are int eh market for a new (used) 4 wheeler and you have the opportunity to buy either a 2003 Eiger 400 with less than 500 miles or a 2007 Eiger with over 2000 miles which would you rather have? Both are in good condition. The '03 is lots cleaner. But the '07 is still very clean. Both have been maintained. Both were owned by 'older' idividuals both were kept inside out of the weather. Which would you rather have? age or miles? What's the big difference between the '03 & '07? Any input would be great. Price is not an issue. oh yea both are manuals -

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