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Polaris Sportsman - CV Axle Repair

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hi all i have a bad cv axel in my 400 polaris sportsman i bought a new one but ive tried everything i can think of to get the old one out and it just wont come does anyone have any suggestions......help lol

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What year is it ?

I may have a manual to help ...

Usually the shaft looks like it will slip right out but it does have a C-clip(s) holding it in ...

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spray breakaway type solvent behind CV joint day before removing. Spray a lot, it will creep into the splines.

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I have a 1997 Polaris sportsman 500,need to replace the rear c axles, but having trouble getting  them out, the axles are the c joint style with they bolt connected to the driveway, how do you get them out. 

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spray "breakaway" or something similar between the cv and the transmission case  Don't be bashful, spray it all  the way around. It will work its way down to the splines. Let it sit overnight, hit it again with the spray and let is sit through the day. That evening, with just a little prying it should come out. If removing second side just hit a drift on the end of the second axle by going through the splines where the other axle was. I use a 18" bronze drift.  If replacing both, I just remove the "easy" one and worry about the  other second.

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