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2005 Arctic Cat TBX 500 4x4 misfiring I think???

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My 05 500 Cat with 400 miles on it, is having problem where when I give it gas, and the engine rpms rise and speed in first gear to maybe 15 mph, it starts missing, bad enough that it will almost stall. I can not get above 15 mph, and its not the trans dont think, its not revving rpm's high enough like it would want to shift. Oh and it also smokes a little. Its like you give it gas and it starts moving fine then it hits a certain point and all the power in the engine stops. It also is having hard time idling.  Any ideas or questions please reply.  Thanks.

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Any work done to the carb? Have you modified it at all? Checked the plugs, air filter, and choke? Might be the CDI.

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Thanks for the reply. I have now taken off the carb, totally taken it down and cleaned it, and all the jets, etc. While I was taking it down, the manual did not address (the one I Had from online) the electric I think choke lines running from the side of the carb. I took the screw out, and turned the assemblyand pulled it out (i have photos) leaving the cable on the ATV, and I thought a small spring or needle left on the carb body, so I put tape over it (choke opening input) and moved on. On reassembly, my tape was loose after cleaning, and there in nothing but the hole under the tape! No spring or needle!! So either I lost a part, or it was never there, and I was trying to keep it dry and dirt free b/c it was electrical. I just dont remember now. It was 2 days ago, and lots of parts. Does anyone have a diagram of the 2005 500 TBX 4x4 Auto choke assembly at the carb end, or a photo would be great. 

Otherwise, I dont know what to do except reassemble, and see if it runs. But I really think something is missing. A small spring. I can not find it on diagrams. To answer you questions the carb has never been modified in any way. It has needed cleaning before, but it was not me who did, it, and my friend who who and took it down is deceased. The closest dealer is like an hour away. 

What is the CDI? Thnx.

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