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one spark after ignition button released


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The year  should be  coded in the VIN number.  Here  is  a  site  explaining   VIN  coding on ATVs.


As  far  as  chasing  down    a  fault,  Start  at  the  starter  circuit .. Since  you  get  a spark  when  you release  the  start button , it indicates to  me  there  is  no current  to  the  ignition while  the  starter  is activated , but there  is  when  it  is released. I would  strongly  suspect  the  starter relay  or  the  wire  from  it  that  supplies  ignition  current  when it  is  activated.

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added a comment on tracing the fault .
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      New member here,
      I have searched here and other places and have not found an answer to my problem.   As the title says I have a 2014 420 Rancher that recently started having an issue were the revs before the clutch engages.  
      I have checked the oil level (per the service manual) and replace the Valvoline ATV 10w40(less than 5 hours) with 10W30 GN4 for good measure. I have used the "pin" method to pull a DTC.  I shows a 8-1 which is a TPS error.  This makes some sense, as if the computer doesn't read throttle position correctly, it could have this symptom. I have checked the source voltage, and tested the TPS off the quad with a Fluke and a power supply at 5v.  It is smooth and does not seem to be a bad sensor. I am confused by the DTC, because the PS light blinks the code, not the check engine light.  However, there are no PS codes of that value.   This condition appeared after a couple days of driving in the cold (~32°) and driving though some water/bogs.   
      A couple questions.  First has anyone seen this issue, and do you have any suggestions? I have followed the troubleshoot right up to the point of replacing the ECU, which I don't seem to have one on the shelf :)
      Second, anyone used a OBDII reader with an a 4pin adapter to pull codes?  If so, what system do you use?
      Beyond the rev issue, the quad runs and starts perfectly and when it decides, the clutch grabs tight (no slipping)
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