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  1. Sorry this is actually a Blade Runner as I have only the bare frame no plastics and when I gave the chasis No. to someone it came back as a Blade Runner not an outback but no year model though.
  2. Cheers for the reply I actually already have this, but where to start this is the dilemma. Thanks anyway for the reply. Karrots.
  3. G'day has anybody come across this before. When I crank over the ignition there is no spark but as soon as I let the button go it will spark once and once only any ideas. It's a TGB outback 425. Cheers Karrots.
  4. I have a similar problem but mine will spark once only after the start switch is let go any ideas anyone?
  5. karrots


  6. G'day everyone, anybody got a carby out there 2 suit a 2001 bear tracker yamaha 250? I need a new throttle stop screw in my carby and to get it out and replace it, ive been quoted $194.50. WOW. Cheers Karrots.

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